Welcome to Silverset Counselling Service

  • Do you need space to share what’s going on in your life?
  • Would you like time to confidentially speak your mind,
    without being judged or condemned?
  • Do you feel overburdened with life’s problems?
  • Do you feel stressed?
  • Also, Are you worried about your own safety or about your life
    Are you suffering from depression?
  • Are you in a troubled relationship?
    Further, do you feel lonely? Distressed? Fearful? Are your hurting?
  • Do you have concerns about a loved one or relative?
  • Overall, are you searching for answers?
  • Would you like to see a counsellor?

Then search no further, because counsellors are here for you:

… to support you, while you share your story
… to listen empathically, showing unconditional positive regard
… to explore your thoughts and feelings, in a safe environment
… to explore pressing issues
… to help set goals and to work toward achieving them

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We work with adults, young people (12 & over) and the elderly, offering services in counselling, mentoring, coaching. Additional services include...

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Counselling Assessments

Counselling Assessments booked through this website cost £29.50 per 45 mins session (concessionary rate). Ideally, clients on low income, on benefits and furloughed will be offered our low cost between £29.50 to £39.50, depending on your income and circumstances. For more details

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Individual Counselling therapy

At Silverset Counselling Service, therapy is available for individual clients, for short-term and long-term duration, which normally depends upon each person’s individual needs and circumstances.

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Personal Therapy for Students/Trainee Counsellors

This is a space to gain experiential learning (theory being played out in practice); a space to be reflective, processing feelings, emotions, behaviour; building resilience and confidence, whilst raising self-awareness. Fundamentally, it is a space to help with personal and professional development.

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Clinical Supervision

Supervision services are available for professionals, including qualified Counsellors / Psychotherapists and Trainee or Student Counsellors.

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Group Therapy

Group Therapy is designed for people who prefer an open group support facility, whether for an individual or for a couple.

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Home visit

Counselling Therapy is available for the disabled, elderly, housebound and parents with young babies, who find it difficult getting childcare.

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Coaching / Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring help a person develop successful techniques, through the use of one-to-one discussions between two people. Consequently, this enables the person seeking help to enhance his/her skills, knowledge, or performance, in a given area, such as their individual lifestyle, faith, career path, relationships or finances.

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Multicultural Counselling

The Counsellor is professionally equipped with a multicultural approach, to work with the client of the same or a different cultural background. Individuals bring their own unique qualities and values, where the counsellor works with the client's own frame of reference and patterns of relating.

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Crisis listening

Crisis Listening is for anyone facing emotional distress, who need a space to talk about a problem within 48 to 72 hours (One-off session). Please contact us to make an appointment, according to availability and we will arrange to see you, as a one-off session.

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Placement Opportunity

Silverset offers placement opportunities to Counselling Students or Counselling Trainees in their advanced diploma or equivalent. Working with clients under supervised conditions, gives you a chance to gain experience, whilst working towards your qualifications. Subsequently, placement spaces are in demand and available every few months. Therefore, more information can be obtained via email inquiry.

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Self-referrals, Organizations & GP referrals accepted

Silverset welcomes clients who self-fund their therapy sessions. GP recommendations welcome. Clients can also use their private health insurance. We accept payments for client’s fees from the sponsors of companies or organizations.

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Our Contact for enquiries

You can contact us via email, if you have any enquiries about our service. Phone contact can be made during the week from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. Please leave a brief message, if no one is available straightaway, leaving your name and a contact number and we will respond promptly and discreetly.
E: info@silversetcounselling.com
M: 0784 762 0103

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Sometimes, people who wish to speak about their circumstances, might hesitate to approach a professional, because of mental health stigma.

However, talking about your situation is not mental health. Instead, it is an opportunity to spend time with someone qualified, who is ready to listen. Respectively, they can help you work out issues in your life, in a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential environment.

Break the Stigma

Therefore, break the stigma and view this as an opportunity for positive change, for better choices and for progress in your life.

Subsequently, high-profile celebrities, royals, and famous people seek therapeutic help, because, they are only human, like everyone else.

So please be encouraged and phone, email, or text us today to get the help that you need. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Break the Stigma

0784 762 0103

* * * “No man is an island, as everybody needs somebody sometime…” * * *